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Just moved into the area and needed a color job quickly because I was leaving for vacation 5 days after the move so I did a search of yelp and found Emily. She managed to squeeze me in and I am very grateful!

Since I was moving my old hairdresser had provided me with my color formula which I gave to Emily in advance. I was expecting that she would attempt match it (which is what other hairdressers have done in the past) but she made the special effort to go and purchase that a exact brand prior to my visit.

Because this was a quick urgent request I didn’t want to mess with my existing cut and color which she totally respected and understood. We discussed future options and Emily has some great ideas for my hair color and style that I am really looking forward to doing in my next visit with her.

She is an extremely easy person to talk to (great quality in a hairstylist) and since I’m new to the area she shared some info on her local favorite spots.

Her prices were very reasonable and I felt it was money well spent at the end of the day :-) .

-Nancy S., Newport Beach, CA See the Yelp Testimonial

Refreshingly honest, very talented, and patient to a fault, Emily can visualize what style/color will make you look your best. I came to Emily in a panic because my hairstylist canceled on my at the last second RIGHT before 4th of July. I had events planned and was counting on looking my best. I needed my extensions tightened and my blonde hair highlighted. Emily convinced me (in the most loving way possible!) that the extensions were shot – they’d lived a nice life but it was time to say a few words and let them RIP. She was right. They were aging me. She took what little hair I had left and instead of cutting it, which would make it even shorter, she added depth and the illusion of volume and length by using highlights and lowlights. I didn’t want to write a review right away because sometimes the experience is great in the salon, and then you get home and discover ‘zebra’ stripes, patches where no highlights even exist, and the beloved orange roots. Well, Emily was kind enough to take me on exactly 5 weeks ago, and I DON’T HAVE ROOTS. Whaaatttt????? None! my natural haircolor has blended seamlessly with the lowlights and I don’t know how she did it, but Emily has made it look as though my hair GROWS OUT OF MY HEAD THIS WAY. For every super-blonde girl out there, I know you get it! This is unheard of! I’m used to looking like a shot-out barfly around week 4 (white blonde hair with dark brown roots – not cute), and being desperate for an appointment by week 5. To realize that right now, I can leisurely make an appointment, and not walk in next week looking like a crackhead, is nothing short of a miracle! It is beyond me why it took so long to find her, but I’m eternally grateful I did. She doesn’t “do hair.” Hair is her passion. She LOVES HER JOB. Very rare to find these days. I’m used to stylists imposing their ideas on me, being excessively late, forgetting to book me, doing partial services because they have somewhere they’d rather be, or just being annoying and staring at themselves in the mirror the whole time they are doing my hair/talking to me. There was none of the bs with Emily and it was just so nice and how it is supposed to be! Emily is professional, a breath of fresh air, and HILARIOUS! You’ll feel like you just stopped in for a chat with a girlfriend, and leave with fabulous hair:) GO SEE HER. Do it.

-Amy G., Newport Beach, CA See the Yelp Testimonial

I wanted to reach out real quick and say thank you again soooo much for making me into a new person with awesome hair! I love it so much, I keep passing by mirrors and windows and admiring myself (yipes). When I walked into work my boss said I looked like I was 10 years younger (the old days) ! My husband loves it too, although he’s scared it might draw too much attention :) Anyways, you are an amazing person and hairstylist, I really appreciate everything you did for me, squeezing me in last minute, taking the time and patience to fix me up, listening to me blab, giving me great service at a great price, staying super late, etc. I’m looking forward to meeting up with you again and please let me know if there is anything I can do to add more clientele to your list, I’ve already sung your praises to my sisters, and my mom is going to go bonkers when she see’s me. J Thank you again!

-Tara B., Newport Beach, CA See the Yelp Testimonial

Emily Cain is to hair what Leonardo Da Vincci was to paint. She has transformed my ‘look’ from ‘housewife’ to Victoria’s Secret supermodel. I’m convinced that her hairdryer is really a magic wand !!! Seriously, I like the way she does my hair so much that I have her style it twice a week (usually Tuesday and Saturday’s)…She is truly amazing.

-Dawn Thompson, Newport Beach, CA See the Yelp Testimonial

Excellent hair stylist and the best person to spend an hour with!

-Bryn Siegal, Newport Beach, CA See the Yelp Testimonial

I had previously gone to another hair stylist for the past 7 years when I was referred to Emily for a cut and color while visiting in Newport Beach. Before my appointment, Emily wanted to do a consultation to understand what I really wanted. This was a first for me! I was in transition to moving and wanted my hair to be colored in such a way that when it grew out, it would look natural since I did not know when the next time I would have my hair done. My hair was also very dry from all of the bleaching and straightening I was doing, so I was looking for some advice as to how to treat it.

Emily was awesome and gave me tips on how to make my hair healthier. I went six months without cutting or coloring my hair and received compliments frequently, as if I had just gotten my hair done. My hair had grown out so much and the color still looked great.

Emily is not only great at what she does, she also truly cares about her clients’ satisfaction. She was very easy to talk to and I felt like she knew exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend her to anybody!

-Madison Welty, Las Vegas, NV See the Yelp Testimonial

I had been going to the same hairstylist for over 10 years but she is located over an hour away and it just wasn’t feasible for me to drive there anymore. I was REALLY nervous about trying to find a new hairstylist! When I met Emily I instantly liked her style and she made me feel comfortable explaining what I was looking for. The next day I made an appointment and she got me in a few days later.

I’ve been to Emily a few times now and I LOVE my hair and I’m constantly getting compliments on it. She is very passionate about what she does and the products she uses. She listened when I told her my routine and how I needed something that won’t be too high maintenance. She also shows me new tricks every time I come in on how to style my hair. I feel like she really cares about her clients and never makes you feel rushed.

I’d highly recommend Emily to anyone looking for a stylist who is ambitious, passionate and really cares about her clients!

-Christina Henderson, Financial Advisor, Merril Lynch See the Yelp Testimonial

I’ve noticed that the older I get, the less concerned I am with looking perfect all the time. Half of my working life is done from my home office in my basement. I start the day at the gym and spend the following 10 hours in front of a computer. Every once in a while, I see the FedEx man, but besides that, I am all alone all day.

I try to take a shower and get my self somewhat cleaned up before my husband gets home at 4pm. Either way, my hair spends most of its time in a pony tail or pinned back with bobby pins. The other half of my working life is spent traveling and in convention centers. I have very little time in the morning after only getting approximately 5 hours of sleep. Shower, blow dry, and then run out the door. Come the weekend however, I like to get dressed up, curl my hair, and go into the city for drinks and dinner with my husband.

I tell you all of this because everyone’s lifestyle impacts their hairstyle. I have seen stylists that make my hair look beautiful but, at the end of the day, I could not replicate what they did to it, so it didn’t work for me. I recently moved to Chicago and like every woman, I was scared to go to someone new to do my hair as I didn’t want to get stuck with something I hated. That’s when I called my friend Emily. I told her what I wanted, what every girl wants, to look beautiful with the least amount of work!

Her recommendations took into account my age, my lifestyle, and my crazy, unpredictable work schedule. In the end we decided on this: semi-permanent chocolate brown coloring to make me look a little younger and not be back in the salon to cover up my roots right away & long layers so we could keep the length and pony tails. This color and cut gave my hair more bounce and softness so when I go out it is super easy to style. I LOVE IT!! Thank you Emily!

-Kellie Velilla

Emily is a phenomenal hair stylist who looks at ‘big picture’ when it comes to coloring/styling. Through a keen professional eye, she takes into account her client’s lifestyle and overall look to create a personalized remedy for your hair. There is thoughtful reason behind every stroke of color or cut. To feel like my hair reflects my low maintenance lifestyle, and that the color is matched perfectly to my skin tone feels amazing!

Emily’s work speaks for itself. After one appointment I felt I could breathe a sigh of relief that my hair would now be in good hands for life! If you are stuck in a rut with the same color and style, do yourself a favor and go to Emily for a refreshing new outlook. Emily has the incredible talent to transform you into the most beautiful version of yourself.

-Jessica Hardy, Read the Yelp Review!

Emily has literally been a savior for my hair. When I first came to her, my hair was wrecked from the bleaching and over-processing that my previous stylist had inflicted. Emily showed genuine concern, has helped to educate me on how to take care of my hair properly and has patiently worked with me to restore my hair’s health. I couldn’t be more grateful and I would recommend her to anyone I meet.

-Leiane Thornton, Optimal Bookkeeping & Financial

I was in town for a few days from Las Vegas, NV and had a serious hair emergency. A friend of mine recommended Emily Cain at Hampton because she was amazing when it came to hair. After discussing with her on the phone of what I needed done, she was able to fit me in the very next day. The atmosphere at Hampton was very professional and she was more than inviting when I came in. After we figured out what needed to be done, she went to work and made my hair look more healthy and shiny than its been in a long time. As a light blonde with curly hair, its easy for my hair to get dry and with the cold weather I was relieved to have healthy hair again. I would definitely recommend Emily to everyone that lives in the Newport area, or, if you’re simply visiting from out of town like I was.

~ Ashley Hoffman LVT (Las Vegas, NV)

I went to Emily for a “trim” and feel like I have a whole new hairstyle. I haven’t had bangs since the early 90′s but Emily convinced me that a fringe would not only frame my face but would take away the flat look that my hair can tend to get due to its thickness and weight. Additionally, she suggested some more layers all around but a clean line in the back would help me to keep my length as well as professional style She was right, my hair feels lighter, smoother and dare I say…. flirty? I am approaching a birthday and Emily provided just the style I needed to feel a little better about another candle on the cake. Thanks Emily

~ Mindy Himmel, Owner

I have just come back from a year in Europe and needed a more professional cut to get back to business. Emily took my year and a half tangled mop into a sharp and professional cut to get me ready for my job search.

~ Graeme

Emily is awesome! She knows exactly what color looks best with each person’s skin tone as well as the cut for each face and hair texture. She is full of knowledge when it comes to products that work best for specific hair and explains them and why they’ll be effective while she works. For someone like me who has no idea how to make my hair look the way I want it to, she takes the time to show me how to curl correctly and even tips on making my hair appear thicker. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends. She’s high energy and super fun!

~ Julie Jordan

I have a ton of curly hair, and I had just gotten a fairly unimpressive expensive haircut. Emily cleaned up my shape in less than ten minutes and without losing any length, made the style fall right into place. Add that to killer haircare and styling tips, and the entire experience was absolutely invaluable. Merci, Emily!

Scout Durwood, Comedian

Five stars for Emily Cain! I got a cut and highlights from her a little over a week ago and have NOTHING to complain about.

Consultation: This was my 1st experience w/ Hampton Salon & Emily. I knew within the first few minutes of the consultation that I was in good hands. I walked in only wanting a cut but felt so confident w/ her that I impulsively decided to let her color my hair as well. She spent a lot of time studying my hair and face shape, hair routine, and my likes vs dislikes.

Overall: I had an excellent experience. Emily listens, explains, and teaches!

~ Claire N. Read the Yelp review!

Emily is an amazing stylist; she listens and executes with astonishing ability! Would definitely recommend her!

~ Annika Schader, Designer at POP Studio

“I have personally witnessed Emily develop her passion for producing exceptional results when it comes to hair. Her complete devotion to her work truly amazes me and it will continue to thoroughly impress her clients as she continues to expand her career.”

~ Peter C.

Emily is fabulous. She has totally saved my hair. She started doing my Brazilian blowouts, colors and cuts 2 years ago and my hair has never been longer and healthier. I always leave feeling confident and beautiful.

~ Stacy Bradford, Business Development Executive, LexisNexis

Emily is an artist and your hair is her palette. She has loved creating hairstyles for as long as I’ve known her and has this talent and amazing ability to take a person’s hair and transform it each time into something beautiful. She has an eye for what looks good, and might suggest a new look, but if that is not what the need or want is, she will do whatever is wanted. Emily has done my hair for years—she recently did my hair for my daughter’s wedding, and the compliments keep flowing about how beautiful my hair was from people who are only now seeing the pictures. I am excited to have Emily style my hair-it makes me feel confident in my looks each day.

~ Dr. Mary Mailander.

Hair with Emily is a great time! I am a busy woman with a heavy work load, so when I force myself to do something good for me (like get my hair done) I want a relaxing and fun experience. With Emily I know I am in good hands and she is a blast! I leave my hair session every time with a smile on my face! I highly recommend Emily.

~ Sarah Boutwell, Executive Recruiter, Cybercoders

I was thrilled when Emily styled my hair for my wedding! My hair never looked so gorgeous. Her work surpassed my original vision, and I received countless complements. Emily’s attention to detail and creativity sets her apart, and I would recommend her to anyone whose looking for a stylist for a special occasion or a routine cut/ color. Thank you Emily for making a special day even better.

~ Kathleen Hilton, Registered Nurse

As the bride, on my special day, I couldn’t have been more pleased with how wonderful my hair turned out. I had the opportunity to do a pretrial with Emily to work out some of the kinks, but really it was on the fly, the day of the wedding, that Emily really impressed me. We made changes as we went, and she never lost her cool, which as a bride, I would imagine that having your hairstylist freak out would make you freak out too, so it was even more important that she was always composed. She was very quick and extremely creative! Another great thing was that the hair styles lasted throughout the entire event, and weddings can be long! My hair especially doesn’t hold its curls, typically within a short period of time they straighten out and look flat. But, with Emily’s knowledge on products, she was able to make my curls last the whole night, and actually they lasted the whole next day as well (an extra bonus). Emily is a very professional, creative, and impressive hair stylist. I would recommend her to anyone! Her vision is exceptional, her time management remarkable, and her personality charming; a perfect package. Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with Emily is in for a real treat. She will blow away your expectations.

~ Alea Kerch DeSantis, Sr Cost/Financial Analyst, EMN Defense

Emily’s attention to detail and genuine concern for her clients is what impressed me the most, and is what will keep me coming back for more. Emily always keeps my hair color and cut looking fantastic. She makes adjustments in both color and cut and while I don’t always notice the change, others sure do. That’s because I keep getting compliments from family, friends, and even people I don’t know. Emily stays on the cutting edge of hair styles and color techniques so you know you’re getting the most up-to-date products. I highly recommend Emily.

~ Nicole Arreola, Regulatory Compliance Nurse, Memorial Care Medical Group

I have personally witnessed Emily develop her passion for producing exceptional results when it comes to hair. Her complete devotion to her work truly amazes me and it will continue to thoroughly impress her clients as she continues to expand her career.

~ Peter C., Technology Advisor MRC

Emily does an amazing job. I told her what I wanted and she did even better than I anticipated. I’m still receiving compliments! You will enjoy every minute in her chair and leave feeling beautiful! Thanks again Emily!

~ Nicole Rico, Executive Recruiter Cybercoders

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